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One of the most difficult things to do in this life, aside from public speaking, is to find the gift idea that will make the recipient truly appreciative of the gift once given. To do so, the gift must fit certain criteria that vary from person to person and with every gift. These criteria include:

Value. It could be monetary value, sentimental value, familial value, and many others. People will certainly love something expensive although how expensive the gift must be so they will love it is the question. Plus, is it affordable?

On the other hand, a gift that evokes the past or someone in the family is most treasured. That is why photographs and portraits hang in many walls. But unless you are familiar with the recipient’s past or family enough to know what will click with him, it will be extremely difficult to select which sentimental gift idea is best.

Desirability. It is easy to find out an intended recipient’s wants for the gift idea: just ask him. But many objects of wants are wants only because they are not as yet acquired. Once the item becomes easily available ---read owned-- its desirability fades rapidly, as fast as the waning of its novelty element. So the amount of enthusiasm the person shows when receiving the gift is no guarantee the gift itself will not be discarded the next day. Hard-to-please people can be so annoyingly discriminating.

Rarity. Bridal registers in department stores are effective in avoiding duplication of gifts for the newlyweds. If your gift is the 50th of the kind, how much will it be worth to the recipient? The rarer the gift, the more valuable it becomes in the eyes of the new owner. But what could be rare to a person may be ordinary to another, so rarity has its own set of degrees and therefore value. The rarest perhaps is the one-of-a-kind variety that is handcrafted by the giver, for it will have in itself the love, care, thought, intention and concern of the giver to the recipient. But how many of us can do that, totally personalize a gift? Not very many.

Actually, rarity –or uniqueness—is one quality of a gift idea that also automatically incorporates the other two: a rare thing is always desirable and valuable. It is thus always advisable to find the rarest thing you can to give as a gift, taking into account the person’s peculiarities. And when thinking about unique gifts, think outside the envelope, outside the normal trends of thought: go to Australia.

Australia has so many rare as well as really odd objects, animals and plants you can think it is another world entirely. Consider the platypus, that funny animal with a mongoose body, rabbit head and duck bill that lays eggs, and you cannot find any animal rarer and more exotic in terms of construction. Even the koala, kangaroo, Tasmanian tiger and the boomerang are not found anywhere else, at least indigenously. So if you want a rare gift idea, think Australia.

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