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The invention of the means to harness solar energy as well as of light emitting diodes (LED) for lighting has proven to be very beneficial in varied ways. And, while it used to be only for rich people or companies because the costs are prohibitive or discouraging, today solar power is within the reach of almost everyone: the cost has dropped considerably. Thus many people are finding good uses for solar-powered lighting. One of them is Christmas lights.

LED Christmas lights are rather inexpensive compared to conventional lights like fluorescent or incandescent, mainly because there is less investment needed, it consumes very little power if not totally free, it is much less dangerous, environment-friendly and its use is very versatile. The last means you can still use the LED lights after Christmas in other ways that are equally satisfying, to say the least.

Solar LED lighting uses so little energy that its wiring system also use very thin wires, which reduces costs. Likewise, in placing your lights outside, no long extension lines are required, since you need to ‘plant’ the panels in a sunny place outside anyway, most often in the lawn or garden. Thus it is mostly just a short distance away to the tree or shrub you want to light up. You can often make the solar panel modules as small or large as you need to, and thus can reduce or increase your lighting.

Because solar LED Christmas lights use direct current electricity and very little at that, there is no danger of electrocution to anyone or sparking when shorted or wet, which can start damaging fires. It is totally safe even for small children, although allowing them to play with the wires is not advised.

Last, LED Christmas lights do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, so you help protect the environment as well.

But perhaps the most important benefit you can get is you can use the LED Christmas lights AFTER Christmas. The fairy LED lights may beautify an outdoor wedding party rather inexpensively, to light the pathways, trees, pavilion, and whatever you can think of. It will lend that magical feel to the occasion.

It can do the same to any outdoor or indoor party for that matter. All it takes is some imagination to light up the party hall into an enchanting venue using tiny colored LED lights.

LED Christmas lights may also be used as part of your lawn or garden landscaping. Try lighting up your pergola, patio, strategic plants, tree limbs like magical Spanish moss, and most anything you can think of. It will make your garden a wonderland during evenings.

Alternatively, you can use small LED Christmas lights modules for lighting your campground instead of using a noisy generator or burning up wood for a campfire. Your ship’s or boat’s mast and lines may be lighted up by LED Christmas lights for a more festive atmosphere; the façade of your shop may be enhanced by lights or the interior of your restaurant.

Finally, small LED Christmas lights can help your children feel safe and secure in their bedrooms any and every night of the year.

Home \ Christmas lights

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Christmas Gifts Catalogue 
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