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What is in Christmas carols, that it gets sung with the heart?

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Carolling is the most unique symbol of Christmas. At the onset of the Christmas season, people begin organizing choirs for Christmas carolling, and Christmas carols are sung by almost all artists. Some even have yearly Christmas albums that may sell well.

So what is in a carol, that it gets sung with the heart?

A Remembrance. In the first Christmas, angels heralded the coming of Christ into the world with heavenly music, music so beautiful that the shepherds were captivated as they approached such a humble stable bright with starlight. The music they heard was sung by angels in edification of the Prince of Peace lying in the manger. Imagine the tableau being set to music, and sure enough everybody remembers. Hence, the Christmas carol is born.

A serenade. The first Christmas was in winter, bitterly cold. Mary and Joseph were both tired and hungry, Mary about to deliver a baby with no place to stay. The manger was the best they can come up with so it became the first sleeping place for the Infant, destined to be King, who the angels serenaded with songs. In a way, the Christmas carol reminded them of how important their roles are in the scheme of things.

A lullaby. It can also be considered that the Christmas Carols sung by the choirs of Angels lulled the baby Jesus to sleep peacefully, thus giving his parents time to rest. So beautiful and heavenly was the music that even the sheep and other denizens came to watch in awe and stayed to honor the very special Infant who came to save us all.

A chronicle. We hear all sorts of things about the first Christmas. Haven’t you ever wondered how the story of Jesus was handed down from generation to generation? Like with the bards of old, the story was handed down generations of believers through songs. A story is easier to remember when told with a musical scoring. So most Christmas carols talked about the first noel, Bethlehem, the angels, the special, holy night and a lot more things to make us see how it was on that blessed, blessed night.

A Call for Unity. The world is indeed changing and so much negative energy and events are taking place. But during Christmas, Christians set aside their animosities and join in the celebration. Schools, companies and organizations would join or organize Choral Contests so everyone sings Christmas carols to their heart’s content. There is something disarming about Christmas a carol that relaxes opposing groups. You can’t very well shoot someone singing “Rudolf the red nosed reindeer”, can you?

A Prayer. In this world full of woe, danger and adversity, we have only one thing to hold on to. It is the belief that we can survive yet another day with the grace of God. In the present day Christmases, we try to reinforce that faith so that we in turn, may be given the strength of living. What better way for us to pray than to sing Christmas carols?
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