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One of the essentials of Christmas is to celebrate joy and have fun during “the most wonderful time of the year” as the song goes. It is also family time for bonding, cooperation and reunions. So a surefire method of having fun, bonding with the family and cooperating with the members is making simple Christmas ornaments. Children particularly enjoy these moments with Mom and Dad through the horsing around and arguments that always go with a family activity, but parents also enjoy some time out of their routinary chores. There are a few additional reasons why you would like to make homemade Christmas ornaments.

It can be educational as well as possibly hilarious, such as when Big Sister is instructed to make clay angels, but creates odd-looking specimens. Little sister can fold ribbons and staple the finished forms so Mom can sew on the tiny trumpets and bells and reindeers and whatnot. Paper decorations are a bit difficult to make, so Big Brother can handle the measuring and cutting, while Dad pastes up the figures into ornaments. There are a lot of ideas online about Christmas ornaments that are simple yet enjoyable to make. The children will learn manual dexterity and how to paste, cut, color or whatever needs to be done to make the ornaments.

The ornaments will be unique in as much as they were personally created by you and the children. Imagine your chagrin if find your friends used the same store-bought Christmas ornaments as you did, but made a much more beautiful design out of them. It can be frustrating. If you made the ornaments yourself, there will be no comparison, and yours will be the best, any way you measure it.

It gives you the satisfaction of achievement and worth by creating something that shows your capabilities. You may be ham-handed and clumsy, but after you succeed in making the ornaments, you can pat yourself in the back and believe you are not so bad after all. Christmas is also a time to forgive, so you might as well forgive yourself for belittling yourself.

It can boost the children’s self-esteem when you praise what they did, even if the ornaments are not that picture-perfect. This is true most especially when you praise the Christmas ornaments to other people within the child’s hearing, which is tantamount to your saying you are proud of the children themselves. It will make Christmas much more memorable for the kids.

Doing them can be your family Christmas bonding moments because it would take several afternoons or evenings to finish enough projects to decorate your home or Christmas tree. Be sure to schedule them when the children are most active, afternoon or early evenings.

Making Christmas ornaments is fun, educational and enjoyable. It benefits all –and the pocketbook--- in many ways. And then who knows? Many popular products today began from being objects created one leisurely evening of craftsmanship so there might be commercial possibilities in them Christmas ornaments that you will not see until you make the ornaments themselves.

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