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When Christmas comes, many of our activities get routinary because we have done them so many times previously they have become some kind of tradition. And although the members of the cast vary a little –the children grow up, the adults grow older---, what they do often do not. Exchanging gifts is mandatory, of course; no one escapes that. Christmas dinner is de rigueur, naturally, as it is an important part of the family being together for Christmas. So there are things that cannot be altered, but many things that can.

For example, instead of placing the gifts under the Christmas tree, how about simply putting clues inside the gift boxes, and the recipient must decode the clues to find the present? Encoding will make the children and adults think harder, while in decoding everyone can enjoy egging the child to think where the gift is located.  What is it and where it is are the primary questions that should be answered by the code.

Or, instead of buying the Christmas tree decorations, why not make them yourself, with the children? Decoration-making can be a family bonding activity for several afternoons or evenings, if you would not mind the mess children inevitably make. But the satisfaction of seeing the home-made décor hanging on the boughs is priceless. Furthermore, if you praise their work in front of others, children acquire self-esteem because their parents love them. There are plenty of décor ideas online children can make enjoyably. You just need to buy the materials and organize the activity to make these Christmas ideas real decorations.

Perhaps the children can make personalized gifts for their grandparents and cousins not living in the house, as we do not want them to know their gifts prematurely. Again, there are many Christmas ideas on the Internet appropriate for almost anyone and everyone, most of them not too expensive to make. But what counts is the thought and effort put in creating them, another way of saying “You’re special to me.” And that is what Christmas is all about.

Even the Christmas tree itself can be different just this year. Instead of buying a fresh tree, why not just refurbish the old one if it is still in the garage or attic? Some paint, glitters and colored paper can make wonders in bringing the Christmas tree back to life. Where the pine needles have fallen off, thinly rolled paper or feathers, for instance, may be made as substitute. It will be a long tedious process, and it may bore the children after a while so you may need to continue alone. But it would be enjoyable for all as long as it lasts.

Christmas is a tradition, but beyond the imperatives there are plenty of ways to depart from the usual Christmas ideas of celebrating it, preparing for it, and deriving fun from what you do in its spirit. Christmas is also for enjoyment and merry-making, so should you find your preparations routine enough to be boring, think up Christmas ideas or check out your 24/7 free consultant, Australia Gift Shop

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