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clipon koala toysClip on koalas
Clip on koalas
koala and kangaroo Christmas decoration
Christmas decoration
Canned koala toy
Canned koala toy
Baby koalas pink and blue
Baby koalas
Snoring koala
Snoring koala
Koala toy with Waltzing Matilda
Musical koala toy
Waltzing Matilda
koala beanie toy
Beanie toy
koala key chain
Key chain
koala with suction
Koala toy w/suckers
koala toy with suction
Koala toy w/ sucker

small koala toys
Koala toys sizes 4 - 6 inch

7 inch koala toy
7 inch koala

Koala with baby
Koala with baby

Koala with flag
Koala w/flag

Koala slippers
Koala slippers

big koala stuffed toys
Big koalas
koala puppet
Cell Phone Charms
Cell Phone Charms

Small handbag
koala fanny pack / bum bag
Fanny pack / bum bag
Koala backpack
Koala backpack
koala wooden coasters
Wooden coasters

Small koala purse
The best koala toy
The best koala toy

Aussie Pal koala
koala road signs
Road signs and stickers
  Koala key chains
Koala key chains
Koala bronze pin
Koala bronze pin
Koala brass chain key ring
Koala chain key ring
Koala pewter figurine
Koala pewter figurine

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Although sometimes called the Australian native bear, the koala is in fact a marsupial. Its nearest relative is the wombat, as both animals have a backward opening pouch in which the young develop from birth.
The small, hairless cub is about 20 mm long and 5 g in weight when born. It has well-developed forelimbs and small, bud-like hind limbs. Its eyes are closed but, unassisted by its mother, it crawls from the birth canal into the pouch where it attaches itself to a teat.
It remains in the pouch for about six months, when the young cub begins riding on its motherís back. At weaning time the motherís body manufactures a green slime-like substance on which the cub feeds until it is able to digest the eucalyptus leaves which are the koalaís only food.

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