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1. Make a list. The first and foremost rule in gift giving is to study the recipient. Each recipient is special so it pays to know the basic information of each recipient. The Christmas gift for a senior citizen, for instance, must be chosen with thoughtfulness. A favorite trinket or a collectible boomerang may be the best bet for an elderly Christmas gift as most of the time they have limited food choices or medical restrictions. While the 20 to 50ís age bracket has a wider choice, gifts for infants and toddlers may also be limited to clothes and toys for the same reasons.

2. Bear in mind that no two persons are alike. One personís trash may be another oneís treasure. So add to your list the likes and dislikes of your recipient. What are his preferences? A clue can be derived from what we see inside their home. What they collect, use as decoration, color scheme, type of car, kitchen, dining room, bedroom and even the recreational room. If you give the person something of the same kind he collects then he will really be appreciative of your Christmas gift. If you have not gone to his home, however, donít lose hope. Determine his job or vocation; he may need another attachť case or a pen or a gadget necessary for his job

3. Define the reference. Christmas gifts can be generic. For instance, you decide that all kids will have toys, teenagers will have gadgets, adults will have toiletries or luxury items. You can also limit Christmas gifts to things theyíll think twice to buy even if they can afford like a volume of their favourite artistís CD. As long as you have a reference, the gift giving dilemmas can be solved quickly.
4. Calculate the price ranges. Consider of course, the economics of the Christmas gift giving. Though we often say that it is not the price but the thought that counts, there is, however, the question of quality equated with the cost or price. As Christmas gifts go, we have to assume that what we gave will last until at least sometime. Giving one good priced Christmas gift that will last for say, a year, is better than many low priced gifts which may not even last a month. But then again, it is the giverís choice.

5. Consider the places to buy from. It is easier to give fancy wrapped Christmas gifts as these are available and more convenient during Christmas season. Christmas Bazaars and thrift shops specialize in this kind of gifts. There are also discount shops where one can find one-of-a-kind and collector items at very reasonable prices. Department stores cater to different clienteles and offer a wide variety of Christmas gift choices as well. But when choosing gifts, it will also be an advantage if we know where the intended recipient buys his items. There is a big chance that what we wish to buy for him is there.

6. Still, you may just follow your heart. Sometimes you get torn between the practical and the whimsical in choosing Christmas gifts. You wish to make them happy yet do not wish to splurge on impractical items. The best thing to do is to follow your heart and buy a Christmas gift you feel they can appreciate. It is Christmas after all, so make sure your Christmas gift is happiness wrapped up in the trimmings of Love.
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