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Yuri Tyurikov the Author of Henry The Platypus

 A wonderful story by Yuri Tyurikov

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Henry the Platypus

Henry the platypus was awakened by a surprising torrent of water, which rushed through the front door and flooded his home.

Henry rushed outside, only to discover that the dam was still in place, however Henry’s lucky branch was missing. Henry felt that he must retrieve his lucky branch because it was the only thing that could help control the flow of water.

Henry’s mum (Megan) was at the market, and could not help Henry find his lucky branch at this time. Henry decided to search in the forest. He swam along the river and jumped out onto the grass when he reached the forest.

In the forest Henry saw a rat run past him and hide in the bushes. “Who goes there” Henry asked. A reply came from the bushes, “its Bill”. It was Henrys father, Bill the rat. “Hey Dad can you help me find my lucky branch”, Henry asked. “Sure thing son”, Bill replied.

Together they followed the riverbank continuing their search through the forest, however they remained unsuccessful until they came to a small hill at the far side of the forest. This hill was right next to the river that neared a waterfall.

And there up on the hill Henry saw the one and only, his lucky branch. “I’ll get it”, said Bill as he ran toward it. “Got it”, he said as he waved it in the air to show Henry. “Yes we finally have it”, Henry replied. Suddenly a strong wind started to blow from the north side of the river and blew both Bill and the lucky branch down into the water.

“Help, Help”, cried Bill, as he waved his paws up in the air. Henry ran toward the water, unfortunately his short legs only moved at a fraction of the pace. It didn’t look like he was gonna make it on time to save his father. Bill was now underwater. Suddenly the river darkened, as Henry looked up he saw a flying object in the air. Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s Megan the duck. Megan landed on the water and submerged beneath, only to return with Bill.

“Thanks mum”, said Henry. “I’ll take care of Bill”, she said, “you go find your lucky branch”. “Thanks mum”, said Henry as he took a nosedive off the hill and landed in the river. The lucky branch was now approaching the edge of the waterfall. Even though Henry was no racehorse on land, in the water he was as swift as a pack of sharks. Using his rapid tail to his advantage, Henry began to move toward the waterfall at a miraculous speed.

The situation looked sour. The branch had now reached the edge of the waterfall and started to make its way down toward the watery depths. Henry was so close he was now more determined than ever. He used all his inner strength to double his speed so that he could leap off the edge of the waterfall like a shooting star.

On his way down in mid air, Henry finally caught up with his lucky branch and seized it in his jaw. His long search had now come to an end.

No one understood how the lucky branch controlled the flow of water, but they didn’t need to as long as everyone was happy.

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