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We've got countless "thank you" letters from our customers and we are doing our best to keep receiving them

 It is very important to us to get your response that shows - we are doing right things

Thank you, for taking your time writing to us, we appreciate it very much

Some quotes from letters we receive

Dear Michael, Thank you for the personalized quick service and for keeping me informed. It just so happens that this is a very important purchase for me that was desperately need by Oct. 16th..I assure you that I will buy more from your firm in the near future. Respectfully, Nick

Hi Michael, 
Received parcel yesterday, 
very happy with it.
Kind regards Philip

hi michael,
the wallet was waiting for me when i walked in this morning and i must agree with you, it is the best ostrich wallet i've ever held in my little hands.  the design is truly perfect as well as the craftsmanship......honestly.  i'm positive my husband will love it.  now i just have to be patient enough to wait until his birthday!  i'll continue to wander through your website and perhaps buy myself something indulgent as well!! thank you again, tanya

Our celebrity customers are:

Claude Ciari Jon Bon Jovi  

Our corporate customers are:

P&O Princess Cruises, Outback Steakhouse, Avon Blockbuster Video, Steinblatt Music, Pfizer

Djungan Nocturnal Zoo

The response is good and we will keep it that way

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