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How it works

Our affiliate tracking system provides a way for you to register with Gift Log to advertise our goods in exchange for a commission of the sales that were referred to us through you. 

The way this works is that we use affiliate tracking system to register you by recording such information as contact name, company name, address, phone number, web site, etc. and assign you a unique tracking number. After that you are welcome to advertise our store on your websites and to use your unique tracking number when linking your visitors to our store. If the referred visitor places an order in Gift Log, our system will record the affiliate tracking number of the referring site. You can then use Affiliate Reporting option to look up your sales and appropriate commission.

Terms and Conditions

By registering as an affiliate of the Gift Log you are accepting our terms and conditions which are very simple at this stage. However, the Gift Log reserves rights to alter current terms and conditions, to add new terms and conditions, to delete any existing terms or conditions. If such changes take place the Gift Log will notify its existing affiliates about changes fifteen days before the changes take place.
Gift Log is not responsible for any losses or expenses of the affiliates caused by possible changes of Gift Log Terms and Conditions.

Advertising techniques

  • The Gift Log does not tolerate any SPAM advertising techniques. The affiliate found using such techniques will be deregistered immediately with unpaid commission sent to one of the charity organization.
  • The affiliate should not give to the potential customer any promises in relation to the Gift Log goods and services including (but not limited) discounts, delivery time, goods exchange, refund policy, etc.


  • Affiliate commission is sent by Airmail to the affiliate registered address by company cheque, made out to the affiliate registered name.
  •  Cheques are sent out on 17-th day of each month unless earned commission is less than USD35.00.
  •  Cheques are made in Australian dollars for equivalent amount of US dollars using currency rate exchange on the day of payment. Gift Log is not responsible for any possible losses due to exchange rate fluctuations.
  • Gift Log does not withhold any taxes, except GST - applicable to Australian residents only.
  • Commission rate depends on Gift Log promotional policy and may be different for affiliates signed up in different time. Once set for a particular affiliate it remains the same, for example, our current introductory commission rate is 7%.
  • Commission is not payable for suspicious, fraudulent orders or orders where customer gets full or partial refund

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