Something Special about Canned Koala

Cassie's Story | Episode 4 | Koala Toy Changes Cassie's life

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Something Special about Canned Koala

Chapter Episode Release Date
Cassie's Story Episode 1 Released
Cassie's Story Episode 2 | the package Released
Cassie's StoryEpisode 3 | in the can Released
Cassie's StoryEpisode 4 | the ring Released
Derek's StoryEpisode 1In production

Cassie Story | Episode 4

It was a ring box. I caught my breath and my stomach dropped. Before even lifting the lid, my eyes were tearing up. Inside, nestled in the dark blue velvet, I was at first puzzled to find a scrap of paper pressed into the indentation where the ring should have been. I unfolded the slip. “Turn Around” it read. I did, slowly and with some confusion, and saw Derek through the window on the front door, standing just on the other side, holding an engagement ring up next to his face, grinning. My mind raced ahead to our wedding, to our new life together, to family Christmases and New Year’s parties, and then to babies, to the thought of settling our new baby into a crib and pressing that stuffed koala in next to him, of telling him the story over and over. Of never being away from Derek again.
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