Something Special about Canned Koala

Cassie's Story | Episode 3 | In the can

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Something Special about Canned Koala

Chapter Episode Release Date
Cassie's Story Episode 1 Released
Cassie's Story Episode 2 | the package Released
Cassie's StoryEpisode 3 | in the can Released
Cassie's Story Episode 4 | the ring Released
Derek's StoryEpisode 1In production

Cassie Story | Episode 3

"I immediately noticed a white tuft of fur and stepped back in surprise. Inside, was a fluffy stuffed koala, the size of my hand, its perky white ears and round black nose giving it away. I took one of the soft gray paws in my hand and found myself laughing. Derek knew that koalas were one of my favorite animals, and something I had loved about my trip to Australia. I picked the gift up and hugged it to my cheek, still smiling, feeling unable now to keep the fond memories of my trip at bay and no longer wanting to. As I squeezed its plush form, I felt something hard in the middle, behind the stuffed stomach. I pulled the toy back and turned it over to find that a zipper had been sewn in. Confused, I tugged the zipper down and reached two fingers in to pull out the small box that had been settled in among the stuffing."

Cassie Story | Episode 4

"It was a ring box. I caught my breath and my stomach dropped. Before even lifting the lid, my eyes were tearing up. Inside, nestled in the dark blue velvet, I was at first puzzled to find a scrap of paper pressed into the indentation where the ring should have been..."(to be continued) Subscribe on our You Tube Channel
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