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 Gaz the Taz superior quality soft Tasmanian devil toy

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Gift Log is proud to present this extremely soft and huggable toy - Gaz the Taz
superior quality soft Tasmanian devil toy

As you already know his name is Gaz and he is made with use of a special feather soft polyester filling and the finest quality acrylic plush that makes Gaz incredibly soft and huggable

Tasmanian devils are known as the most naughty animals on Earth, but as you can see Gaz is very different and my son Mishka is not scared of him.

Gaz is non-allergic, non-toxic, color safe and can be cleaned with a sponge and warm water

If you visit our page of Australian Animals pictures you may notice that Gaz looks like a real Tasmanian devil animal. This is exactly right! This great toy is made of carefully selected materials to resemble a real Tasmanian devil even in its size.

Tasmanian devil

inch cm
Height 10 26
Length (without tail) 12 31

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