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Have you heard kookaburra song lately?
Just press it at 5:10 am and enjoy Australian Bush morning sounds together with your neighbours.
Look how similar are the 8.5 inch toy and a real bird: same size, same look and same laughing song.
Laughing kookaburras - toy and real bird

8.5 inch (22cm) kookaburra toy below is one of the best kookaburras we've seen so far. 
It's soft, fluffy and very much huggable. 
Its song is irresistible, so turn it on, hug it, and sing along. 
8.5 inch laughing kookaburra soft toy
The smaller version - 5 inch (14 cm) laughing kookaburra toy has the same vocal features, but not as soft as its bigger sister. On the other hand it takes less space, so it feels more comfortable on a rear seat or in a school bag.
5 inch laughing kookaburra soft toy

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