Emu Premium Soft Toy

This emu toy is incredibly soft and huggable - one of the best soft toys around

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Gift Log is proud to introduce this superior quality soft Emu  toy.

Her name is Sheila and she is made with use of a special feather soft polyester filling and the finest quality acrylic plush with silky touch feeling that makes Sheila incredibly soft and huggable

Sheila is one of the best soft toys - I know it from my daughter. All of her friends dreaming to get Sheila as a birthday present even those who already have one. 

This Emu toy is non-allergic, non-toxic, color safe and can be cleaned with a sponge and warm water

This great toy is made of carefully selected materials to resemble a real Emu bird. It can not stand without support by itself as her legs are soft, however Sheila can sit without any supervision as shown on a picture below.

A smaller version of Sheila is Sharlene. It has exactly the same look and features as its older sister, but it's smaller, so easier to travel with.


inch cm


Height (with legs) 11 28
 Width 10 25


Height (with legs) 16.5 42
 Width 12 31

Emu Premium Soft Toy

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